About P.P.S.

Corey Watson, founder and President, entered the energy efficiency and sustainability sectors of the construction industry in 2005.  Efficiency and living sustainably in harmony with nature while responsibly incorporating technologies to improve quality of life have been lifelong passions for Corey.

Mr. Watson's knowledge, training, and experience are focused on resource conservation strategies, practices, and technologies as well as alternative energy systems - including wind and Solar technologies, LED lighting systems, as well as high-performance insulation, building shell, and window and door systems.  Forming Positive.Proven.Solutions.LLC in 2009 and partnering with specialists across the industry has enabled Corey to expand his scope to include all aspects of sustainable, energy efficient improvements, remodeling, and construction.

Products and services offered by P.P.S. are thoroughly researched and claims made are verified personally by Mr. Watson and (not "or") staff before being presented to the public.