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Solar Technologies

Positive.Proven.Solutions.' knowledgeable and industry-trained representatives can explain and describe the options available to harness the power of the sun.  We can help you make your home and/or business more comfortable and efficient, as well as less costly to operate and maintain.


Solar Pool Heating

Heat your pool without the monthly expense!  In Florida, most pools can have water that's 80*F or warmer, for 10-11 months a year or more — with no pool heating bill.  High efficiency electric pool Heat Pumps are also available.


Solar Water Heating

A properly sized, certified, and professionally installed solar water heater can eliminate conservatively 95% of a home's annual water heating bill.  By saving 20%-30% of the typical total annual electricity cost, the average family in Florida can pre-pay for 20 years of water heating in less than 4 years. 


Residential systems can also provide free water heating when the power grid is down.


Solar Electricity (Photovoltaic, PV)

Solar cells change sunlight directly into electricity.  Reduce or eliminate your electric bill with the Sun!  Commercial projects can qualify for substantial tax benefits. 


Today well-qualified homeowners can put no money down and own a system that pays for itself every month - and carries a manufacturer's 25-year production warranty.


LED Lighting Systems

Long life and high efficiency distinguish LED lighting as one of the best investments that can be made to lower operating and maintenance costs in commercial, municipal, and residential facilities.  Fixtures are available in a variety of color and "warmth" ranges, offer manual and/or automatic dimming options, and can be used in new and existing applications.  Positive.Proven.Solutions.' suppliers and installation partners can provide the best selection and features to meet any need.




Most of the heat gained by and lost from your home (and your place of business) literally goes  through the roof.


Proper insulation can dramatically reduce your cooling and heating bills.  From conventional blown-in and roll-out insulation to high performance, permanent Spray Foam insulation that typically cuts a home's A/C bill in half and contributes to quieter, more healthy indoor spaces, we can help you take control of your your air conditioning and heating bills.




Change your Car's Oil Just Once A Year

Save money, time, and waste with extended-oil-drain full synthetic lubricants.


Your car or truck's warranty will remain completely intact and unchanged.


 Once-a-year / 25,000 mile oil change intervals (15,000 miles in older or severe-duty vehicles) cost less annually than the far more frequent 3,000 or even 5,000 mile oil change intervals recommended by most vehicle manufacturers.  These engineered synthetic products also help your car, truck, boat, watercraft, motorcycle, scooter, lawn and yard equipment, and virtually any 2- or 4-cycle engine run cooler, quieter, smoother, and cleaner - and help them last longer!


All-Natural Pest Control


Fleas&Ticks, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Head Lice, Flies, Chiggers, Spiders & other pests.


All are repelled and eliminated with our non-toxic, all-natural, biodegradable, child- and pet-safe products.

Stop putting chemical toxins and poisons on your family and pets to protect them from insect pests!  Our kid- and pet- friendly, good-smelling bug repellent works as well as or better than brand names with potentially dangerous ingredients.  The residual effect of our chemical-free pet product not only repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes BEFORE they have a chance to bite, it also lasts up to 2 weeks.  

So you can protect your family and pets without the dangers of toxic sprays, poisonous pills, or messy topical drops - and you'll save money every month!